About Kendo na hÉireann

Kendo na hÉireann is the governing body for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in Ireland. We are a member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission, the European Kendo Federation and the International Kendo Federation. Kendo in Ireland began formally in 1998 and there are now affiliated dojos in Cavan, Cork, Dublin, and Galway.

All clubs are in accordance with Garda and government regulations governing the safe practice of martial arts.

The Irish Kendo Federation is a democratically run organization providing direction and guidance to Kendo, Iaido and jodo activities within Ireland.

There are four Kendo na hÉireann executive committee members

We also have a number of non-executive members

  • Children’s Officer – Mark Kawa
  • Anti-Doping Officers – Ivan Gendelman
  • Coaching Officer – Martin Kiosew
  • Grading Officer – John Kennedy
  • IMAC Representatives: Marta Afonso, Jorge Cabrita

Membership is compulsory to partake in any Irish, European or Worldwide Kendo activities.

Registered Secretary’s Office