Membership of Kendo na hÉireann is open to everyone practicing Kendo, Iaido or Jodo in Ireland. Membership fees cover the costs of FIK/EKF membership, dojo insurance, national events, administration costs, national team and all other running costs. The current fees are as follows:

Membership Cost
Ordinary membership € 60
Family membership € 80
Concessionary membership (Student/unemployed/apprentice – ID required) € 40
Junior between 10 yrs & 18 yrs € 30
Kids under 10 yrs free
Temporary Membership € 20

The membership fees and membership forms must be submitted to a KnhÉ-affiliated dojo by the end of February each year.

All memberships are for 12 months, with exception of Temporary membership which is for 3 months.

Membership Types Explained

The following types of membership are available to practitioners of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in the Republic of Ireland, regardless of citizenship. All members must be part of KnhÉ-affiliated dojo:

Ordinary membership:

Entitles you to practice under Irish Kendo Federation insurance, attend all national events, attend the AGM, take part in votes and elections and to stand for election to the board of Kendo na hÉireann.

Family membership:

Designed for families, this membership confers the same privileges as ordinary membership for over 18s, and the same privileges as junior or kids membership for juniors of each age group.

Concessionary membership:

This membership is for full time students, unemployed/unwaged and apprentices. Confers the same rights as ordinary membership but at a concessionary rate. For students a valid ID is required.

Junior membership:

A reduced rate for those between 10 years old and 18 Years old. Junior members have the same rights as ordinary members with the exception that they cannot stand for election to the board of Kendo na hÉireann.

Kids Membership:

For children under 10 years old. Gives same rights as junior membership with exception of participation in votes or elections.

Temporary membership:

Temporary membership entitles you to practice for 3 months in a KnhÉ-affiliated dojo and covers insurance for 3 months and participation in national events (with the exception of gradings). Temporary members cannot take part in votes or elections or stand for board positions. After 3 months members can decide if they want to study the art and pay remaining balance for the applicable membership type.

For all questions regarding Membership please email: